On The WikiEdit

Group ProfilesEdit

Basically just run through and make/edit/update profiles of yourselves and others with details relevant to the project.

  • Berry
  • Anthony
  • Leah

Teacher ProfilesEdit

  • Waxman
  • Wilson

Contact ProfilesEdit

  • Kurtis
  • Nintendo

The WiiMote Board (page and pictures)Edit

The eBeam Board(page and pictures)Edit

  • Page
  • Pictures

Smartboards (page and pictures)Edit

  • Page (Needs More Info)
  • Pictures

On The ProjectEdit

  • Projector Acquisition (2/30)
  • LED Pen Acquisition
    • LED (30/30)
    • Battery Packs (30/30)
    • Whiteboard Marker (X/30)
    • Buttons (X/30)
  • Wii-Mote Acquisition (2/30)
  • Instruction Manual
    • Create (1/1)
    • Update Weekly (0/X)
      • LED Pen Maintenence
      • Wii-Mote Maintenence
      • Projector Mainenence
      • How To Use
      • Tips/Tricks We Have to Using It
      • Best Ways To Use The Technology

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